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The patent law firm Kohler Schmid Möbus is the result of a merger between the German law firms Kohler Schmid + Partner in Stuttgart and Dr. Möbus in Reutlingen.

The local merger in 2004 was based on the shared values of quality, reliability, commitment, and close contact to all clients as a foundation for the common line of work.

Our clients may expect a wide spectrum of technological and legal expertise. Kohler Schmid Möbus renders high-quality consultancy services that are well-based in expertise and experience from all fields of law, both national and international. In both our offices, we provide valuable assistance to our clients in all matters regarding the protection of their industrial property.


Law firm Ohmstede und Schmid

founded by patent attorney Johann Ohmstede


Law firm Kohler Schwindling Späth


Law firm Möbus


Law firm Kohler Schmid + Partner 

by merger of law firms
“Kohler Schwindling Späth” and
“Ohmstede und Schmid”


Law firm Kohler Schmid Möbus

by merger of law firms
“Kohler Schmid + Partner” und “Möbus”

Dipl.-Phys. Rudolf Kohler


  • Founder of the law firm Kohler in Stuttgart, Germany
  • Partner at Kohler Schmid
  • Partner until 2002

Dipl.-Ing. Berthold Schmid


  • Studies in high-frequency technology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Diploma in electrical engineering
  • Several years of experience in development and patent departments in the electronics industry
  • Partner at Kohler Schmid Möbus until 2008

Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Möbus


  • Founder of Möbus in Reutlingen, Germany
  • Partner at Möbus until 2002